Maktub Band Member Bio

 Daniel Joseph Spils
 Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Daniel Spils started his music career playing trumpet. He moved to Seattle to attend Seattle University and play music. Previous bands and recording projects include Plush Safe, Dan the Automator`s Lovage, Cornucopia, Smack, 3SP, Painted Tongues, the Society, Black Ice, Spils Bros. Trio. Primarily a keyboardist and guitarist, Daniel has worked many jobs while making music: for the oil industry in Alaska, commercial banking in Seattle and for in Seattle and London. He is currently part-owner of The Mirabeau Room. Spils resides in his Seattle home with a basement studio, a collection of Fender Rhodes pianos, synthesizers, Leslie speakers, various guitars and stompboxes.
 Hairless Daniel Spils
 Anchorage, Alaska
 Copper River salmon
 Fender Rhodes piano, Leslie speaker, synthesizers