Never Satisfied kustoms



  Welcome to Never Satisfied Kustoms. We are a truck club that was established in 2005 accepting any highly modified trucks and SUVs. We strive to make the custom auto world the brotherhood that it should be. Friendship, a helpful hand, and good company is all it takes to be a member. We have recently expanded to accommodate the endless popularity of the custom truck world.

"We have become part of something much more complicated than you or I will ever fully comprehend. We build more than just trucks we build friendships, we build futures, we build our dreams. We drive our trucks low and hold our heads high because we have an unwritten and unspoken agreement that we will live life to the fullest and never fall victim to 'the norm.' Others laugh at us when we spend hours on end working on our trucks, yet shake our hands when we are done." Wyatt Strange, Mini Truckin', '98

Now Taking Membership Applications!!


1. Must have an obviously modified truck or SUV.
2. Must attend a minimum of two NSK sponsored shows every three months.
3. Project vehicles must visibly display an "under construction" sign.
4. Project vehicles must also show improvements from event to event.

There are no dues or fees, just a one time purchase of a NSK window decal (between $12 and $20 depending on the size).