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Membership Benefits

Being a member of Phi Chi Theta opens the doors to many opportunities that may be beneficial in many areas. Phi Chi Theta is proud of its many scholarships and awards that help ease the financial burdens of college. Members of Phi Chi Theta have access to a nationwide network of members and resources.

Participation in Nationally Sponsored Professional Events

  1. Biennial National Chapter Meetings
  2. Regional Conferences

Beginning in August 2008, the new Irene M. Meyer Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a member of Phi Chi Theta.


At the cornerstone of our organization is the Phi Chi Theta Scholarship Program. In partnership with the Phi Chi Theta Educational Foundation we award scholarships to members of Phi Chi Theta who exemplify scholastic achievement, leadership and commitment to the ideals of the organization characteristics of a business leader. The scholarships that are available to our members include the:

Anna E. Hall Memorial Scholarship

Helen D. Snow Memorial Scholarship

Naomi L. Satterfield Memorial Scholarship

Trustees' Scholarship in memory of Irene M. Meyer


Naomi L. Satterfield Alumni Achievement Award

Alumni Hall of Fame Award

National Key Award

Outstanding Faculty Advisor of the Year Award

Percentage Chapter Membership Increase Award

Executive Director Award

Ships Log Award

National Publications and Communication

  1. The IRIS
    • *National Magazine Published Twice a Year
  2. Internet

Service to the National Fraternity

  1. Election to Serve as a National Officer
    National President
    National Vice-President for Internal Affairs, National Vice-president for Alumni Affairs
    4 - Regional Directors
    Executive Policy Board
  2. Appointment to a National Committee
    Chairmanship or Member
    Information & Technology
    Officer Development
    Outstanding Advisor of the Year
    Admissions Evaluation

Service to the Community

  1. National Make a Difference Day
  2. Local Community Events

Other Benefits

  1. Networking
  2. Professional Development
  3. Lifelong Friendship
  4. Membership Pin and Card
  5. Discounts on Fraternity Merchandise and Services