About Us:

Spectacular Hair Design is located in Birmingham, AL. All of our stylist are educated on all of the current styles while not forgetting the classics.  Spectacular Hair Designs has all of top of the line products from shampoo to conditioners. 


Pamela Douglass

Pamela has been doing hair for sixteen years and been working at Spectacular for eight years. Her specialty are spiral rods, roller wraps, and perms.

 Alice Jackson

Alice is one of the founders of Spectacular Hair Design. Her specialty is press and curl, jerry curls, and perms.

Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia has been doing hair for fourteen years and has been working at Spectacular Hair Design for eleven years. Her specialty are French rolls, rods, and quick weaves.

 Stephanie King Cortledge

Stephanie has been doing hair for ten years. She attended the Southeastern Cosmetology School in Midfield, Alabama. Her specialty are quick, short, and infusion weaves.  She does ponytails with ridges, pin curls and barrel curls. She also does men twists and cornrows.