Technology Camp May 14, 2005

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Technology Camp February 4, 2006

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Tech in the Middle @ Montevallo

is the computer camp for girls from Girl Scouts of Cahaba Council held on May 14, 2005 in the computer lab of the College. To see advertisement click here.
To see the advertisement for the camp on February 4, 2006 click

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There were five hours of fun and instruction in introductory Excel and Web Page Design (follow the links in the left pane to see examples of the produced web pages and/or Excel charts).

Instructors: Helen Moshkovich, Alex Mechitov (Stephen's College of Business)
American Association of University Women of Alabama
Stephen's College of Business
the University of Montevallo's Academic Program Initiatives
Honor Participant:
Michal Robinson - director of CELLLSS (Creating Experiences in Life, Learning, and Laboratory Science Skills)

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