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                                 Daddy Yankee

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I love you, but I love him too

    I love you no doubt, but I'm with him and we're in love, something I can do with out. We can still do our thing , kick it, and hang. You'll always be in my heart. That's were you been str8 from the start. When I first started talking with you I know you'll be good for me. And I was right, you have done nothing but made me feel like your Queen.  


                      Cover of Omarion's album: O




Aaliyah on the cover of her most successful album, One in a Million.                   Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes


True Love

From the moment I met you, I know you were the one. Though trails and tribulations. I know you have won. The never ending battle of us against the world. But we will never be broken, I will forever remain your girl. Right now situations are not right. But just know, for you, I'm keeping it tight. I have things I wanna say, but I don't know if it's right to do them. To explore your mind and know what's on your soul. To get close to you heart would be a fascinating good. But to keep things slow and play it by ear. Antedating what the future will begin for the now and here. Time will truly tell as well play in marination.    










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