My Webpage!!


hello, my name is Brandy and I am also known as Beanstalk! I am a student at Montevallo Middle School. (Although there are times I wish I wasn't)  I am in the band  I play the saxophone! oh yea ! I have a tons of friends Savannah, Elaine, Rachel, Heather, Chelsea, Gabby and many others. I'm into volleyball and marching band. my favorite animals are the panda, the Siberian tiger and llamas! I have a little brother and 3 dogs!





 Hi now that you know a little about me I welcome you to my webpage if you have any questions E-mail me


My thoughts          

 this is my first thought and there happy ones I guess well now I'm going to tell you more about myself I am an 8th grader I'm Montevallo I love anime and manga. I don't live in Montevallo . so yea I'm I love the LLAMA SONG!!!  so that is my first thought BYE!!!


  My Pictures

 I cant show the pictures on there it would take up a lot of space so






My Favorite things

I have a lot of favorite things I love books, soduku puzzles my friends (not in that way) I love bebo and my family

my favorite teachers are  Ms.Marveray, Mr. stone, Ms. Ellison, Ms. price , and many others!

there's a lot of things I love but I love my family the most my mom and dad even my annoying little brother