Sarah's Webpage


This is a picture of me, and this is my webpage.  On here I have pictures of my favorite musicians and actors.  I made this page at Tech in the Middle at the University of Montevallo.



In this class we made many graphs and charts on excel. This one was to compare temperatures in Birmingham and Paris.  My sister is in Paris right now on a choir trip with her school.

One of my favorite movies also takes place in Paris.  It is The Moulin Rouge with Ewan McGreggor and Nicole Kidman.


        These are a few pictures of my favorite musiciansPhoto: Nora Jones on the right and John Mayer on the left.







At school I am in band and I play the trumpet.  This is a picture of this past year's marching band.



I am, of course, in Girl Scouts (that's how I found out about this).  My friend Jacqueline and I came to this together. This is a picture of she and I.

Favorite Food:  Spaghetti

Ice Cream:  Macadamia Brittle (the best stuff ever; heaven in a carton!)

Color: RED

Subject: Art

Songs: "Flavor of the Weak", (yeah its kind of old, but oh well), "Split Screen Sadness"; and "Painter Song"

If I were a painter
I would paint my reverie
If that's the only way for you to be with me

We'd be there together
Just like we used to be

Underneath the swirling skies for all to see

And I'm dreaming of a place
Where I could see your face
And I think my brush would take me there
But only...

If I were a painter
And could paint a memory
I'd climb inside the swirling skies to be with you
I'd climb inside the skies to be with you

Vincent Van Gogh - Sorrowing Old ManAs you can tell, I'm a big fan of  Van Gogh, click on   the pictures to go to a site that is dedicated to him.

Thanks for visiting my webpage!