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Dwarf Globe Blue SpruceDwarf Globe Blue Spruce is a fine specimen plant that can be used in foundations, rock gardens, border, or containers. This is an outstanding plant that is easy to maintain.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 72.5 to 3 feet3.5 to 4.5 feetAdd to Shopping Cart
Dwarf GardeniaDwarf Gardenia is a beautiful dwarf shrub under ideal conditions, and is somewhat hardier than the species. It has many uses in the garden, but is especially useful in mass where it provides a ground cover effect. It is prized for its fragrant and delicate flowers. It is best below Zone 7, but will thrive in Zone 7 with limited protection. Can be grown indoors.7, 8, 9, 101.5 to 2 feet2.5 to 3 feetAdd to Shopping Cart
Dwarf Boxwood/Dwarf Old English BoxwoodDwarf Boxwood can be used in mass or as an edging or border plant. It is useful for bordering flower beds, planting beds, lawn border, walks and drives, and makes a nice dwarf hedge. It is generally associated with more formal architecture, but it is adaptable. It is especially appropriate for use with colonial architecture.5, 6, 7, 81 to 3 feet1 to 3 feetAdd to Shopping Cart
Chinese TrumpetcreeperAll of the trumpetcreepers make excellent accent plant for the garden, as long as they are controlled. This is an excellent plant for naturalizing.7, 8, 920 to 25 inchesIndeterminateAdd to Shopping Cart
Florist's Hydrangea/Bigleaf HydrangeaBigleaf Hydrangea produces abundant flower clusters in summer that can be cut and used in arrangements. This plant is most appropriate in shrub borders, but not as a foundation plant against the wall. The species produces blue flower clusters in acidic soil and pink blooms in neutral soil.7, 8, 93 to 4 feet5 to 6 feetAdd to Shopping Cart
Kurume AzaleaKurume Azaleas offer a breathtaking display of color in spring. They cover themselves with flowers and are most effective when planted in groups or masses of the same color. Some cultivars make nice foundation plants.6, 7, 8, 93 to 4 feet3 to 6 feetAdd to Shopping Cart
Oregon HollygrapeOregon Hollygrape is a bold accent plant to contrast with finer textured plants. It is most effective in groupings of three or more. Bright yellow flowers are followed by bunches of blue-black berries before the foliage matures to bronze in winter. An interesting plant during all seasons.5, 6, 7, 83 to 4 feet3 to 4 feetAdd to Shopping Cart
Mountain LaurelMountain Laurel is a native American shrub that is outstanding in bloom. It is useful as a foundation plant, but is great for naturalizing in shady areas of the garden. Looks great in mass groupings.5, 6, 7, 8, 95 to 7 feet5 to 7 feetAdd to Shopping Cart
Kaempfori AzaleaThis species tends to grow more upright than most, and blooms later. Kaempferi Azaleas are still blooming when the Kurumes are gone. Makes a good background for Kurume Azaleas.6, 7, 8, 95 to 6 feet4 to 5 feetAdd to Shopping Cart
Hybrid RhododendronHybrid Rhododendrons are some of the showiest specimen plants in landscaping. Flower clusters are large and come in many choices of colors. A gourmet plant for serious gardeners.H1, 4-7; H2, 5-8; H3, 6-85 to 7 feet or more6 to 7 feet or moreAdd to Shopping Cart

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