How To Pick The BEST Peaches!!!

Peaches do not get any sweeter once they are picked. They do get softer and juicier, but never sweeter. That is why it is important to avoid rock hard peaches that were picked when they were still green.

Peach BulletLook for peaches that show a background of color; yellow or creamy with a rosy blush on their cheeks. Avoid peaches with green undertones, there were picked too early.

Peach BulletLook for peaches with smooth, unwrinkled skin, and no blemishes or bruises.

Peach BulletChoose peaches that give slightly at the seam when pressed with your thumb, even though the rest of the peach is firm.

Peach Bullet>Sniff the stem end of the peach.  You should be able to smell the peach fragrance.</H3></P>

  <P><H3><IMG SRC=Leave peaches at room temperature a day or two to soften. Then store ripe peaches in the refrigerator. They will keep for 3 to 5 days.

PeachLook out for peaches with tan circles, an early sign of decay.

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