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The luxury of a LearJet.

The Lear Jet 60 can fly across the country nonstop, while passengers enjoy generous space and comfort. There is an exceptional amount of room for baggage. The combination of range, speed, and comfort has made the Learjet 60 one of the world's most popular midsize jets. Learjet 60 features state-of-the-art safety equipment and avionics including TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance), GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning) and Windshear Detection Systems.

Passenger Capacity    6-8 people
Cruising Speed    522 mph
Range    2613 st.m.
Length    17.7 ft.
Width    5.9 ft.
Height    5.8 ft.
Baggage Capacity    55 cu.ft.

LearJet 60
LearJet 60