Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you film these events? [click here]

"I film events as a hobby. I do not charge enough to make a living doing this but
I would like to cover my costs and make it worth my time. I really do enjoy filming
games as well as providing recorded memories for people."

How soon will DVDs be ready after filming? [click here]

It will depend on my current workload, but you can usually expect them in two to
three days for a regular season game. For tournaments you can expect it to take longer,
nine to ten days.

How far are you willing to travel? [click here]

I generally do not want to travel farther than Decatur, but I will consider working
out a deal with you if I am needed.

If my team loses will I still have to buy the minimum amount of DVDs? [click here]


Do you sell DVDs to the other team? [click here]

I often pass out cards to other teams to buy DVDs.

I would like a clips tape for my child, would you do that? [click here]

I have created clips tapes in the past for kids to send to college coaches, however;
this takes a lot of time. You may contact me and request a clips tape
but I cannot guarantee that I will have time to make one.

Do you film in bad weather? [click here]

Yes, I will film in bad weather. I use an umbrella and will soon get a weather case
for my camera. But please make sure you notify me if you find
that your game is cancelled.

Do you have a card that I could print out to pass around? [click here]